Mould Investigation
  • Mould and Air Quality Sampling and Analysis
  • Mould Scoping, Tendering and Remediation
  • Mould Clearance Testing on Completion of Remedial Works

Our Testo 616 Material Moisture Meter and our infra-red thermal imaging camera (Testo 875-21 Versatile Thermal Imager, see the section below on ‘Equipment and Methods’) are able to detect and identify mould based on temperature and humidity. We combine this analysis with photographic evidence to create a mould analysis report for you, judging the extent of the defect and suggesting methods of rectification. Sometimes our remedial recommendations will be simple – such as allowing more sunlight and aeration throughout the property through installation of air vents, fans, or dehumidifiers. However, in more serious cases with recurring and wide-spread mould, the cause of the problem will be due to underlying causes, such as water penetration. In this case, we will find and identify the likely source of the moisture ingress for you, such as adjacent balcony gardens or bathrooms, and the remedial work will involve controlling the water ingress, because eliminating the moisture means eliminating the mould. This control often involves the installation/repair/removal/rearrangement of AG drainage pipes, or plumbing pipes. We also do mould monitoring reports to make sure that the mould lessens over time, and to ensure it is not a seasonal occurrence rather than an actual defect.