Project Management
  • Tendering and Tender Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration (which includes drafting and exchanging of contracts)
  • Inspection of Works
  • Processing Progress and Variation Claims
  • Sign-off and Certification (both Practical Completion and Final Completion Certificates)

In the Tender Management process our services include: preparation of the tender documents and price schedule; the sending of tenders to three preferring contractors to encourage competitive pricing; attendance at an onsite pre-tender meeting (organised by us) with the three contractors to discuss the building works, access, and WH&S requirements; revision of the submitted tenders to ensure all contractors have agreed with the tender terms and conditions; provision of a Tender Analysis to you (the home owner, or strata manager, or Executive Committee, or Owners Corporation, etc.) with comparison of the three submitted tenders and our recommendations.

As Project Managers, our role is to attend the site and inspect the remedial works at crucial stages through to practical completion. This includes the following services: all Contract Administration (including any paperwork, quotes, contracts etc. that are involved); ensuring compliance with quality, prototypes, inspections and warranty requirements; verifying repair quantities if accurate quantities are unavailable at tender; certifying contractor claims for payment and calculating retentions (progress claims will be submitted monthly and will require full payment within 14 days of invoice date); delivering ongoing photographic progress reports to you based on our regular Inspection of the Works; issuing you with a Practical Completion Certificate when the works are finished and marking the beginning of the 28 week defect liability period which follows; compiling a list of any defects which present during the 28 week defect liability period, or any issues you may have with the completed job; issuing you with a Final Completion Certification at the end of the 28 week defect liability period. For more specific information on the Project Management process, see our Steps to Success page.